Subrosa Altus 16″ BMX Bike (2022)


With kids learning to ride at younger ages, the Subrosa Altus 16” bike is perfect for little’s one who has outgrown their first bike but aren’t quite big enough for a full size BMX bike. The Altus 16” has great overall geometry, tons of adjustability to fit riders as they grow, and some of the same great parts featured on their high end bikes.


  • Smaller 16″ Wheels – The Perfect fit for for 5-8 years olds (3ft – 3ft 6 / 90cm – 105cm)
  • Specifically designed for the smaller rider, just starting out in BMX
  • Traditional BMX geometry & gearing.
  • Semi sealed rear cassette hub.
  • Good quality aftermarket parts from Rant.