Crash Replacement Program

As bike riders we can all agree – accidents happen – and as much as we would love to avoid it, sometimes they are inevitable. With that, comes the risk of damaging your beloved bike, and we know how hard that can hit a passionate rider.

For that reason, The Bicycle Nut is bringing in the TBN Crash Replacement Program, so that even when the worst happens (and you are left with a broken bike), we will be there to help you get back on the saddle as quickly as possible, with a significant discount to sweeten things up.

To be eligible to the TBN Crash Replacement Program, you must:

  • Be the original owner of a The Bicycle Nut bike
  • Have owned the bike for less than 3 years (from date of purchase)
  • Be at fault for the accident (damage caused by a third party is not covered)
  • Have caused irreparable structural damage to the bike frame


How it works:

  • Contact our Customer Service team through our Contact Us portal
  • Provide proof of purchase of the bicycle
  • Provide a detailed explanation of the accident and a visual report of the state of the bike, where structural damage can be detected
  • The discount code is valid for the same or equivalent model of bike or frame, subject to availability – our team will present you the options depending on your case
  • Once all information is checked, you will be issued a 30% discount code

Please note The Bicycle Nut reserves the right to deny the Crash Replacement request if we establish that the damage was caused intentionally, by a third party or it is only cosmetic damage. This program is only applicable to The Bicycle Nut customers.